Bachelor of Philosophy in Technology Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Higher Diploma (HDip) or Equivalent

Eligible for admission into the Bachelor of Philosophy in Technology Applied Biology Degree in the School of Pure and Applied Sciences are those who hold Higher Diploma in Applied Biology or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution.

Credit Transfer and Exemptions

Where a candidate wishes to be exempted from any course or courses of study, such candidate shall make a written formal application to the Registrar (Academic) justifying the request and attaching evidence of the credentials which support such request. Such a candidate may be required to sit and pass an exemption examination set and administered by the School and approved under the authority of the Senate on the recommendation of the College Academic Board.

Based on the assessment of the exemption examination, the Academic Board of the School of Pure and Applied Sciences and shall make its recommendation to the College Academic Board. On approval of such recommendation by the College Academic Board, the Board shall forward its recommendation to Senate for further consideration. The decision of the Senate shall be communicated to the College Academic Board who in turn shall communicate the decision to the candidate. The units for which such exemption is sought shall not exceed one third (1/3) of the total number of units for the Course.
The curriculum shall consist of an approved scheme of study.