Checking into Hostels January - April 2021

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

All students are hereby notified of the application, allocation, and check-in to TUK Hostels for January - April 2021 as follows:

Booking/Application : 23rd November - 11th December 2020 Apply here

Room Allocation : 15th December - 18th December 2020

Check In: 4th January - 15th January 2021

1. Apply and check your status online
2. Clear your college fees in full before check in 
3. Present your receipts, college ID and latest fees statement to SAC office 
4. Check in individually by the due dates DAILY between and 1.00pm 
NB: falsification of documents and receipts will lead to disqualification. 
All Deadlines apply.

PLEASE NOTE: that there are limited spaces only and they are issued based on levels of need.

Application, Allocation, and Check-in services are offered FREE OF CHARGE.

Check-In MUST be done in person on the dates assigned.