The Council

The Council is the supreme governing body of the institution. Its principal mandate is to oversee the activities and operations of the institution on behalf of the Government. In this, the Council is concerned with the setting of broad policy directions for the institution and to follow up on how such policies are being executed by management. As the reporting agency to Government, the Council is responsible for the approval of the budget and the performance contract. The Council is also considered as the employer on behalf of the Government and the management thus only employs staff on behalf of the Council. The Council is responsible for ensuring that there are adequate structures in place for the efficient and effective management of the institution. The composition of the Council shall be as provided for in the Universities Act, 2012.

Members of the Council

A new Council has been established in line with the Universities Act, 2012.

The Council, chaired by Prof. Godfrey Nguru, has the mandate to manage, supervise and administer the assets of the university. It also decides on capital and recurrent expenditure, receives grants, donations or endowments, and enters into association, collaboration or linkages with other bodies or organizations within or outside Kenya as the University may consider desirable.


Prof. Godfrey Mbiti Nguru