Discounted Safaricom E-learning Data Bundles

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

KENET in partnership with Universities in Kenya and mobile network provider Safaricom PLC has come up with E-Learning Discounted Bundles for the higher education community. The staff and students of The Technical University of Kenya are eligible to purchase the discounted bundles once they subscribe/sign-up for the service and their Safaricom line whitelisted/activated.

The Safaricom subscription is 10GB/month data bundle at Kshs.500.00

Once the subscriber line has been whitelisted/activated, he/she can purchase the data bundle by dialing the following USSD code *544*60#

The registration/sign up site is

Please note that:

  • The discounted bundles are pre-paid and users are expected to purchase the bundles for themselves.
  • The discounted bundles are restricted to only academic resources (Internet sites) submitted by the Technical University of Kenya for whitelisting.
  • Accessing Internet resources outside those included in the bundle will NOT be charged/deducted from the E-learning Bundle but will be charged on the normal Internet bundle at the market rates.

See file attached for more information