Hostel Accommodation May 2019

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Students are hereby notified of the application, allocation, and check-in to TUK Hostels for May 2019 as follows:

Booking/Application : 25th March - 5th April 2019 Apply here

Room Allocation : 7th April - 12th April 2019

Check In: 6th May - 16th May 2019

1 - Students who are not in session will NOT be accommodated.

2 - Apply and check your status online

3 - On completion of allocation, you are required to check your portal for information update

4 - To check in, all college fees & accommodation fees must be cleared

5 - Present your receipts to SAC office

6 - Check in individually by the due dates

7 - On 17/05/2019, those who will not have checked in will be replaced.

NOTE: It is the student's responsibility to REGULARLY check the portal update

NB: This information is available on-line and in the SAC office FREE OF CHARGE