Welcome to the Office of the Muslim Imam at the Technical University of Kenya (TU-K). The Muslim Imam Office caters for both Students and Staff and their immediate family members. the following critical services are offered by the Office of the Imam at the TU-K

  • Counselling services: We offer counseling services ranging from broad spectrum of life including:
    • Interpersonal counselling dealing with individual and group relationships,
    • Deviant behaviour among the youth,
    • Addiction problems both for students and staff
    • Stress and depression how to manage and cope
    • Family issues affecting learning and studies
    • Loss and bereavement; Helping students and staff how to cope before and after funerals.
  • Spiritual services including prayers and worshipWe have five daily prayers at the (Muslim Prayer Hall). Friday Khutbah shall be available soon. Everyone is welcomed to interact and share with the Muslims in discussions concerning Islamic practices and rituals with a view to enhancing an understanding of Islam by all. All members are also encouraged to take full advantage of the spiritual and religious benefits of the Mosque and office of the Imam.
  • Islamic Da’awah Activities and Outreach both within and outside the campus are encouraged and are being promoted.
  • Students are encouraged to carry out responsible and meaningful dawah activities with the aim of promoting interreligious understanding, tolerance and harmonious co existence in and out of the university
  • Islamic Da’awah activities are coordinated both by Association officials in liaison with the Imam. Some of the outreach and missions take place during holidays and weekends. All are encouraged to participate.
  • Muslim Students AssociationThere is an active & robust Muslim Students Association at the Technical University that helps in the guidance of the affairs of the Muslim students at the Technical University.
  • Contact
    For all your questions, problems and booking appointment please contact
    Sh. Mohamud Jama Ali
    University Muslim Imam
    The Technical University of Kenya
    Cell: 0720402497
    ‘D’ Block: Ground Floor