SATUK 2014/2015 Elections - Polling Centres

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School Polling station voters location
Business and Management Studies 1A Module 1 degree See Map
Business and Management Studies 1B Module 11 degree & diploma module 1 See Map
Business and Management Studies. 1C Module II diploma See Map
Business and Management Studies 1 D Departments OF Accounting & Finance,  Management Science & Technology See Map
Infrastructure and Resource Eng.(SIRE) 2A  Civil & Construction Eng.( Module I) Car Park
Infrastructure and Resource Eng.(SIRE) 2B  Civil & Construction Eng.(Module II) Car Park
Electrical & Electronic Eng.(SEEE) 3A Module I Car Park
Electrical & Electronic Eng.(SEEE) 3B Module II Car Park
Biological & Life Sciences(SBLS) 4 Module I Infront of Block  "N"
Physical Science & Technology 5   Infront of Block  "N"
Surveying & Geospatial  Sciences 6   S – Block
(New Building)
Health Sciences& Technology 7   Between the staff canteen & "N" Block
Architecture & Built Environment 8A -      Architecture and Environmental Design  
-      Real Estate and Property Management Outside the students canteen ) Main Canteen)
-      Urban & Regional Planning  
Architecture & Built Environment 8B Construction and Building Technology. See Map
Creative Arts & Technology 9   Outside the Main Hall
Hospitality & Tourism Studies 10   Outside Library at the entrance
Information & Communication Studies 11   Outside F- Block
Social & Development Studies 12   Behind the chancellors chamber.
Computing and Information Technology 13   Behind block C (between C and F Block )
Mechanic and Processing Engineering(SMPE) 14A Module I Between blocks  L and C 
Mechanic and Processing Engineering(SMPE) 14B -      Mechanical & Mechatronic Eng(Module II) See map
-      Aerospace and Aviation Eng(Module II)
-      Chemical and Petroleum Eng(Module II)
-      Industrial and Manufacturing Eng(Module II)
- Mathematics and  15 - Mathematics and   Outside the University Clinic
Actuarial      Actuarial   
  Sciences.   Sciences.
- Centre for Science and   - Centre for Science 
  Technology Studies    and Technology