Student Support Services


  • To cultivate, improve and sustain the development of the mind, body and personality of students to enable them position The Technical University of Kenya as a top rated University of Technology.


  • To create a caring environment for students, their families, faculties and staff by planning and providing services to improve students' academic and personal welfare to improve their innovations


  • A friend to the student by promoting a culture of support and advocacy for realization of training for the real world


  • To uphold a cordial working and personal relationship among members of the Technical University of Kenya based on truth, mutual respect, trust, and cooperation that will facilitate molding of experts acceptable to the industry


  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Diversity
  • Professionalism
  • Innovativenes

Message from Director, Student Support Services

The Director, Student Support Services’ office has a long culture of providing support and advocacy on behalf of students. The office assists students in the resolution of problems, provision of information and promotion of initiatives that address students’ needs and interests. The Director, Student Support Services’ office seeks to facilitate the integration of the academic experience of students in all aspects of university and student life. The Office facilitates interactions among students, faculties and staff to promote a university climate which supports students’ personal, professional development and academic success. As The Director, Student Support Services, i am committed to the wholistic development of our students through delivery of services which are receptive to the needs of students and foster community-building.

The Director, Student Support Services’ office is dedicated to create opportunities for student’s success. For that purpose, we serve as students’ advocates. We provide information on various issues relating to students. We are the most important contact point for students who need to resolve issues and get explanation of the University’s policies and procedures. We understand that students have individual capacities that contribute towards their successes and failures. We in the Director’s of Students Office are always available during business hours of the university. Therefore we encourage students to visit us when they need help on issues or have questions regarding our services. The Director’s Office is concerned with the student’s welfare while on campus throughout their years of study. We are dedicated to help students achieve their goals and facilitate a rich university experience.

The Director office is able to reach various university facilities such as Counselling, accommodation, catering, sports, health, chaplaincy and limited students’ bursaries. The office also handles student’s union matters and other services that enhance students’ emotional or personal support and growth. This office can facilitate students contact with their faculties and departments in order to deal with their concerns. The counselling offices [chaplains and welfare office] enhance personal experience and academic success of all students by providing several counselling and psychological services to students and the greater University community. The counselling offices accomplishes its mission by offering services that facilitate students’ personal development, assist in the mitigation, remediation, and prevention of distress, as well as services that educate students in ways that develop self-awareness, self-reliance, and self-confidence.

Death of a Student, Harassment and Discrimination

In the event that a student dies, notification should be send immediately to the Director of Students’ Office. The Director will gather the necessary information and inform the appropriate University authorities as well as provide support and resource information to the family and friends of the diseased. However, The Director, Student Support Services’ office is not responsible for any financial expenses that students or families may incur during this period.

The office asserts that no student or employee shall be denied fair treatment, academic freedom, equal opportunity, employment, and access to University facilities because of their religion, sex, nationality, race, ancestry, age, colour, marital status or disability. The office does not tolerate verbal, written, physical, or any other form of harassment which may threaten or endanger students’ or employees’ safety, performance, or environment. Harassment also includes implicit and explicit forms of unsolicited sexual conduct or requests as means to secure or comply with status, activity, employment, or performance. The Director’s office does not condone any form of activity that shall degrade, humiliate or harm students psychologically, emotionally and physically.

I pray and hope that you will stop by and introduce yourself to me and my staff. I look forward to meeting you.

Rev Fr Dr Ndikaru Wa Teresia

The Director, Student Support Services