Tenders, Procurement and Supply Chain

Tenders, Procurement and Supply Chain


For the Financial Years 2022/23

For the Financial Years 2021

Date: Thursday, April 22, 2021

2019/20/21 Financial year

2017/2018 Financial Year

Supply and Delivery of Dry Groceries and Sugar

Tender Notice for TVET Procurements

Past Tenders

TU-K Suppliers List

Supplier Website 
Angaza Networks Kenya http://alk.or.ke/
Biolegend Scientific Ltd http://biolegendscientific.co.ke/
Creative and Splendid Solutions http://creativeandsplendid.com
Peak Destiny International http://peakperformance-int.com
Precise Lab Africa Ltd http://preciselabafrica.co.ke/
Sai Pharmaceuticals Ltd http://saipharm.com/
Step Innovations Africa Ltd http://stepupafrica.com
Westwind Networks Ltd http://westwind.network/
Cloriti Pharmaceutical (EA) Ltd http://www.cloriti.co.ke/
Cummins C&G Limited http://www.cumminscargen.com/
Global Training Institute http://www.gtiea.co.ke/
Lzsol Chem Company Ltd http://www.lizsol.co.ke/
Mua Insurance (K) Ltd http://www.mua.co.ke/
Nolads Engineering Limited http://www.noladseng.com/
Pharmasell Ltd http://www.pharmasell.co.ke/
Shonitel Ltd http://www.shonitel.com/
Shonitel Limited http://www.shonitel.com/
African Memsap Tech Ltd https://africanmemsap.co.ke/
African Touch Safaris Ltd https://atstravel.co.ke/
Attic Tours & Travel https://attictravel.com/
Auto Xpres Limited https://auto-xpress.co.ke/
Bel EA Pharmacy Ltd https://beleapharmacy.co.ke/
Disney Insurance Brokers https://disneyinsurancebrokers.co.ke/
Elisatech Diagnostic EA Ltd https://elisatec.com/
Energy Intelligence Africa Ltd https://energyintelligenceafrica.com/
Energy Intelligence Africa Limited https://energyintelligenceafrica.com/
Energy Intelligence African Limited https://energyintelligenceafrica.com/
Free Drop Interior Designers Ltd https://freedropinteriors.co.ke/
Gravity Solutions Ltd https://gravitysolutions.net/
Gueridon Company https://gueridon.com/
Haemonetics East Africa Ltd https://heal.co.ke/
Heiltz Tech Partners Ltd https://heiltztechpartnersltd.co.ke/
Ice Clean Care Group Company Ltd https://icecleancare.com/
Imperial Construction Ltd https://imperial-construction.com/
Inqaba Biotech https://inqababiotec.co.za/
Jepco Services & Renovators Ltd https://jepcoservices.com/
Johnbow Tours & Travel Ltd https://johnbowtoursandtravel.com/
Juniter Intakes Limited https://juniperintakes.com/
Juniper Intakes Ltd https://juniperintakes.com/
Britam General Insurance https://ke.britam.com/
Level Two Ventures Ltd https://level2.vc/
Medisure Lab Suppliers https://medisurelab.co.ke/
Mesam Services Limited https://mesam.co.ke/
The Monarch Insurance Company Ltd https://monarchinsurance.co.ke/monarch/
Mustral General Traders https://mustral.co.ke/
Opendata Limited https://opendataltd.com/
Premier Safaris (K) Ltd https://premiersafaris.co.ke/
Procom Kenya Ltd https://procom.co.ke/
Proton Scientific Limited https://protonscientificltd.com/
Sawarn Singh and sons Ltd https://sawarnsingh.co.ke/
Smart Integrated Technologies Ltd https://smartitl.com/
Steplabs Technical Services Ltd https://steplabs.co.ke/
Synergies Company Ltd https://synergysystems.co.ke/
Synergies Co Ltd https://synergysystems.co.ke/
Teledata Technologies Limited https://teledataafrica.com/
Timeline Solutions Ltd https://timelineafrica.net/
Trekfix Ltd https://trekfix-limited.business.site/
Apicalmed Limited https://www.apicalmed.com/
Atlas Quality Ltd https://www.atlaskenyaltd.co.ke/
Bluescope System Ltd https://www.bluescope.com/
Bluescope System Limited https://www.bluescope.com/
Chem-Labs Limited https://www.chem-labs.com/
Benica East Africa Limited https://www.colas.co.za/
The Copy Cat Limited https://www.copycatgroup.com/
The Copy Cat Ltd https://www.copycatgroup.com/
Deezall Infrasol Ltd https://www.deezallinfrasol.co.ke/
Geminia Insurance Company Ltd https://www.geminia.co.ke/
Getench Services https://www.gentechservices.ca/
MFI Office Solutions Limited https://www.groupmfi.com/
Intex East Africa Ltd https://www.intexafrica.com/
Izusu East Africa Ltd https://www.isuzu.co.ke/
Kennex Enterprises https://www.kenexnbi.com/
Lablink East Africa Co Ltd https://www.lablinkea.com/
Lued (A) Chemicals Ltd https://www.luedchemicals.com/
Modern Mobility Ltd https://www.modernmobility.co.uk/
Occidental Insurance Company https://www.occidental-ins.com/
Online Contractors Ltd https://www.onlinecontractors.co.nz/
Otter Tail Enterprises https://www.ottertail.com/home/default.aspx
Pelican Insurance Brokers https://www.pelicaninsurancekenya.com/
Pure Systems Ltd https://www.pure-systems.com/
Real World Electronics Solutions Ltd https://www.real-worldelectronics.com/
Sigmund Peak International Ltd https://www.sigmundpeak.co.ke/
Trawell Company Ltd https://www.travelshoppe.co.ke/
Vas Consultant Ltd https://www.vas.co.ke/
Willinya Holdings Ltd https://www.willinya.com/
Zippytech Agencies https://zippytechiq.com/home.html
Crescit Logistics www.crescit.com
Norhholt Enterprises www.dnb.com
Digital Print Media Limited www.dpm.com
MFI Document Solutions Limited www.groupmfi.com
Gryjos Printers & Stationers www.gryjos.com
Hills Converters (K) Ltd www.hillsconverters.co.ke
INK-IT Solutions Limited www.inkitsolutions.co.ke
Jaware Agencies www.jazwares.com
Magibricks Company Ltd www.magicbricks.com
Monever Enterprises Ltd www.moneverenterprises.com
Promasters Limited www.promastersgips.com
Promomasters Ltd www.promomasters.co.ke

Events and Notices

2021/22 Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar for the 2021 2022 Academic Year for diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. >> Download Calendar

Notice to The Technical University of Kenya Staff and The Student Fraternity

Mon, 1. August 2022
We would like to notify the entire University staff and students that the process of appointing two (2) of the Deputy Vice-Chancellors has been concluded in exercise of the provisi…

Inter-Institutional and Inter-Intra-Faculty Transfers for the 2022/2023 Placement Cycle

Thu, 21. July 2022
Kindly note that on 15th July, 2022 the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) released the Cut-Off points for the programmes offered by each University…

Change of Semester Examination Dates

Mon, 4. July 2022
The end of Semester examinations had been scheduled to commence on pt August,  2022 and end on 13th August, 2022. However, during a Senate meeting that was held on Wednesday 2…

Orientation Program for Newly Admitted Students (2022 Admission Cycle)

Sat, 2. July 2022
During the 2022-23 Admission Cycle, a total of 1,872 Government Sponsored Students were admitted to study the various programs on offer at the Technical University of Kenya (TU-K).…