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The Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Strategic and Executive Operational Services

Department advise the Vice-Chancellor on matters of strategic engagements; follow up on decisions of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor regarding academic matters; design effective delivery tools for the UMB and Senate decisions; offer support to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor in the management of linkages with community, partners and industry in line with the University policies on external relations; support the Vice-Chancellor in monitoring the effectiveness of academic programmes as well as the delivery of administrative support services.

Strategy and Organisational Development

The Department is responsible for the monitoring of the strategic performance of the university as envisioned in the strategic plan. The office in particular is responsible for quality assurance and quality improvement of both academic programmes and management and support services.

Public Affairs and Marketing

This department is responsible for dialogue and engagement with the various units and departments to develop and implement strategies that help the university establish effective communication channels and a shared understanding of the mandate of the University with the stakeholders.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services

The modern university is driven principally by the quick flow of data and information which indicate the performance of the various sectors and activities of the institution. The Computing and Information Services Department thus forms a major core of the management of TU-K in supporting and fostering innovative research, learning and teaching.

Procurement and Supply Chain

This department is responsible for the management of procurement of goods and services, the movement and distribution of goods to the end user, market surveys and research, the maintenance of the inventory and the disposal of goods.

Security and Emergency Services

TU-K can be safely considered a moderately large university if one takes into account the huge number of students and the large staff portfolio. Further, the institution has massive investments in terms of resources for learning and general infrastructure. These are factors that call for a well organised security system.

Eligibility to Sit for University Examinations

Tue, 28. February 2023
We request the Student Fraternity to please note that the End-of-Term and End-of-Semester examinations are scheduled to commence on 13th March 2023 and 3rd April 2023, respectively…

Module II Programmes Undergraduate and Diploma Starting JULY 2023

Wed, 22. February 2023
The Technical University of Kenya (TU-K) is the leading university in technological education and training in Kenya. The University was awarded a Charter in 2013, making it a fully…

International Students Meeting

Wed, 25. January 2023
This is to inform all international Students at The Technical University of Kenya that there will be a meeting to be held on Thursday, 26th January, 2023 at Room 31 starting 4:30 p…

Expression of Interest for Running Business at the Student Centre

Thu, 19. January 2023
The Students Centre Governing Board (SCGB) invites bids from eligible candidates interested in Running Businesses outlined in Section 6 of this document for a period of one (1) Cal…