56 Dons Trained In Advanced Research Methods

Fifty-six scholars from various departments within the university and two guests were issued certificates after successfully completing an Advanced Research Methods Training. The training was facilitated by Dr. Peter Samuels, Senior Lecturer in Research Practice, Faculty of Business, Law, and Social Sciences, Birmingham City University.  The four-day programme was designed to help researchers at the institution become more proficient in their research by equipping them with practical skills on various topics such as developing questionnaires, managing supervisor relationships, and data collection and analysis.

Previously, Dr. Samuels has offered similar trainings, particularly focusing on proposal writing and research methods. The trainings were conducted under a partnership between TU-K, Birmingham City University, and the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Project for capacity building in higher education institutions. However, the two-year project came to an end last year after successfully training a total of 75 scholars (61 PhD and 14 masters students) as well as conducting two exchange visits.

The conclusion of the project did not deter Dr. Samuels, who saw tremendous potential in scholars at the university. He subsequently used his own resources and expertise to conduct the training, which was a build-up of previous trainings offered.

Speaking during the award ceremony, the chief guest, Prof. Alfred Orina, Deputy Vice-chancellor, Research and Technology Development, thanked Dr. Samuels for his passion and dedication, to the extent of using his own resources to facilitate the training. He also commended Dr. Mary Clare Kidenda, Academic Team Leader, Department of Design and Creative Media, and her team for organising the training.

He stressed that the university is keen on creating a conducive environment to promote research and learning. In that regard, Prof. Orina stated that supervisors will be facilitated expeditiously to carry out their duties effectively. He also highlighted that the university has set aside a dedicated research account to ease the management of research funds. In addition, the university will continue to provide paid study leave for researchers who want to advance in their studies. He also added that other measures are being considered to raise the university’s research portfolio.

“The university is working on setting aside a research fund to support postgraduate students. We are also trying to create an internal funding system to support students directly,” said Prof. Orina.

He challenged the scholars to form a consortium and collaborate with Birmingham City University in writing research proposals for different donors.

Prof. Tom Kwanya, the Academic Team Leader, School of Information and Social Studies represented the Executive Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology, Prof. Peter Matu. In his remarks, he appreciated the work done by Dr. Samuels, stating that the university continues to benefit from the partnership even though the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Project came to an end.

He challenged the scholars to use the expertise gained to mentor our students as well as grow the postgraduate population. He also proposed training, specifically for supervisors, so that they could gain useful insights on how to manage the student-supervisor relationship.

“We are expecting much from you because much has been given. We wish you all the best and you can always count on the support of the university,” he concluded. 

Dr. Julius Bosire, the Ag. Director, School of Creative Arts and Media, said that scholars need consistency in training, especially on proposal writing. He also requested that the university support researchers by procuring prerequisite resources such as software used in analysing data as well as supporting students in the cost of the training.


Conference Announcement and Call for Papers 

The Technical University of Kenya in partnership with Exploring Visual Cultures will be hosting the 4th International Conference from November 27th to 29th, 2024 at the Edge Convention Centre, Nairobi. The theme of the conference is AI Media Innovations, Applications, Visual Culture, Challenges, and Future Trends. The call for papers is out and the deadline for submission of abstracts is on 31st May, 2024.

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