Symposium: Market Leaders Inspire Civil Engineering Students

Mr.Samson Ontweka, a celebrated TU-K alumnus and currently a Technical Coordinator at StartSomewhere Kenya, captivated students with ingenious precast building technology that utilises interlocking blocks. Mr. Ontweka who was accompanied by StartSomewhere founder and CEO Oliver von Malm, showcased the innovative technology during the Civil Engineering Symposium held at TU-K that attracted students from TU-K, Moi University, Kenyatta University, the University of Nairobi, and Karatina University.

The event was jointly organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the Civil and Resource Engineers Students Association (CESA),

Industry players from various institutions and government agencies spoke to the students. They include SIKA Kenya, Kenya National Highways Authority, Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (NaMATA), Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA), National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), TIMCON Associates, and Infrastructure, Transportation and Environmental Consulting Engineers (ITEC Engineering Ltd).

Mr. Paul Okoth, a lecturer at Moi University with experience at Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA), emphasised the inevitability of incorporating Internet of Things (IoT) and technology in civil engineering. He encouraged students to embrace tools like Revit, AutoCAD, and ArchiCAD, positioning technology not as a replacement for civil engineers but as a tool for advancement.

Okoth's presentation showcased practical applications, including a project he undertook with KURA, where they used machine learning to process data from sensors, and monitor behavioural changes in bridges to prevent structural issues over time.

Eng .Meshack Okebe from ITEC Engineering Ltd discussed the integration of AI technology into the transportation sector, particularly focusing on handling large datasets and addressing various transportation challenges. This approach involves leveraging AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze complex transportation data, optimize routes, improve traffic flow, enhance safety measures, and possibly develop intelligent transportation systems. Incorporating AI into the transport sector can lead to more efficient and sustainable transportation networks, benefiting both businesses and the general public.

While addressing concerns about unemployment, Eng. Shammah Kiteme assured students that job opportunities exist and are accounted for under the Institution of Engineers of Kenya (IEK) strategic plan which factors in the absorption of qualified

He challenged students to take up short courses like AutoCAD, STAADPro, Prokon, and Revit that will give them an edge in the competitive job market. 

Guest from SIKA Solutions and TIMCON Associates also made presentations encouraging students to embrace technological advancements in civil engineering and acquire new skills to stay competitive in the field.

ITEC Engineering Ltd and TIMCON are established Consulting Firms that offer consultancy services in Road /Infrastructure designs and supervision, transportation modelling and planning, Traffic Impact assesement and road safety assessment/Audits  

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