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The KENET Student Laptop Purchase Program (SLPP)

Tue, 31. May 2022
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Kenya Education Network (KENET) in partnership with Microsoft Corporation and Intel is pleased to announce the KENET Student Laptop Purchase Program (SLPP). The program has been created to provide Kenyan Universities’ students, faculty, and staff with the opportunity to purchase business class laptop computers from multiple vendors at significantly discounted prices. We have leveraged our high-volume purchasing power on institutional computers as well as the KENET’s long-standing relationship with the education community to provide this benefit to you.

KENET has signed Framework agreements with selected OEM laptop vendors for the timely supply of laptops and associated support in order to establish a sustainable cost-effective Student Laptop Purchase Program (SLPP). It is envisaged that SLPP shall help students of member educational institutions to purchase genuine brand-new devices to support learning activities in their respective institutions.

Benefits of the Students Laptop Purchase Program are:

  1. Savings of more than 25% or more off retail costs.
  2. A brand-new business-class machine that ensures quality and durability.
  3. Flexible and student friendly payment terms (Pay a 15% deposit and settle the balance over 24 months on the model of your choice.
  4. Extended manufacturer’s warranty, including accidental damage coverage, for all laptop purchases.
  5. Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, with end-point security and Office 365 productivity applications.
  6. Support services for in and out of warranty hardware related repairs as covered by the manufacturer’s base and extended limited warranty

Below are the steps for purchasing the laptops.

  1. Create an account at https://slpp.kenet.or.ke/ . Please note, the account can only be created using institutional email address. Click on "Login" and click on "create new account"

2.      View the selected categories of laptops and their specifications available. You can visit "LAPTOP SPECIFICATIONS" menu and select specific category to view their prices. (https://slpp.kenet.or.ke/node/7)

3.      Click on "book a laptop" to begin the laptop booking process. This is a step by step process and will guide you till the end,

4.      After booking. The lists of all devices booked will be processed by KENET and shared with the vendors after 14 days and the vendors will communicate on the payment process and collection

Laptop Booking Process

  1. Register on the SLPP Portal here https://slpp.kenet.or.ke/user/login
  2. Login using username and password you supplied during registration
  3. Select "Book a Laptop" from the main menu to initiate the laptop booking process
  4. Select a laptop of your choice, vendor, collection point, purchasing plan and submit to complete the laptop booking process.
  5. Received bookings will be consolidated on a weekly basis and sent to the university for validation. (Confirmation that you are a bonafide student/staff/faculty of the university)
  6. Validated bookings will be forwarded to the respective vendors for processing.
  7. Vendor shall write to the individual purchasers and share payment details.
  8. Purchaser makes payment (full amount for outright purchase).
  9. Vendor shall write to the purchaser acknowledging receipt of payment of payment
  10. Vendor shall dispatch the laptop to the purchaser (at the selected collection point during booking).
  11. Purchaser acknowledges receipt of the laptop and inspects the unit to confirm that it has been delivered without any defects or physical damage.